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 Bring a blessing....get a's a win/win.

I need folks to show up at Sunday school tomorrow at Heritage Baptist Educational Building with some kind of canned or boxed food to help those who are hungry in our community!!! Help us to help out our local folks and have a great time with great people.

Asking members and visitors to participate. Don't have to tell me your coming...just show up and surprise me!!!

It's easy:

1. Get some canned or boxed non perishable food to give as a blessing to someone.

2. Bring it to Heritage Baptist Educational Buildiing at 9:45 AM tomorrow

3. Come in the doors and place food on a table in the fellowship hall.

4. Find you a Sunday School class to participate in

5. Receive a blessing and have a good time!!!

6. If you don’t show up until church time at 11 we still need you. Bring your item and place it on table in the old fellowship hall.

If everyone who reads this that will be at Heritage tomorrow will bring something we can really help out our local food bank at The Voluntary Action Center. On top of that if we can get some visitors to help as well even more awesome. Invite people folks, share this post, whatever it takes to fill those rooms and show them Jesus!!!

Say you are there because of my post and you will receive a FREE comfy chair in a temperature controlled room to sit in and a FREE handshake or hug....your choice!!!

Thanks in advance!

PS….if you don’t go to Heritage and want to help you can bring it by there tomorrow between 8:30 am - 930 am and drop it off. I will be there and will even come out to your car and get it if you help , Just call or text 770-608-1993 

Pastor Shane Parrott